Defined by passion!

16 years ago, Kids' Theatre Works was born of a passionate belief in the benefits that drama brings to childrens' lives. This same passion sustains and motivates our team today, with each member supporting and nurturing a joy and love of theatre, play, creativity and performance.

Skills for Life!

We're proud of the life lessons and skills that our classes have instilled in our Kids' Theatre Works children over the past 16 years! We're confirmed in our belief that drama is a significant element of a holistic educational experience, laying strong foundations for a successful and happy life. We've watched as students have gained much alongside their dramatic education; they learn to collaborate, they build confidence, they're supported in the development of social fundamentals like listening and communicating, empathy and compassion. This is an environment that builds resilience, provides a clear understanding of the value of failing in the journey towards success, it teaches accountability and responsibility and hones critical and creative thinking.

We observe the development of these - and other - traits in our students every day, and we're proud of how a strong dramatic education can influence and support children as they grow into mature young adults.

Something for everyone!

We offer various programs, which means there is always something for everyone - from the very shy to the more experienced and talented performer and from the very young (1 year olds) to older teens.

No Auditions!

We are open to anybody and everybody who wants to try regardless of their level of experience or their age. We do not hold auditions however we do make recommendations as to the best classes for new starters.

As we like to say...Come and see what your children can do!

Our courses are structured yet free and creative

We believe that there are no right and wrong answers when it comes to being creative. Instead, we embrace the limitless potential unlocked when imagination is applied with passion and dedication.

Our performing programs are theatre skill-based and offer Acting and Musical Theatre students the chance to learn skills associated with the stage in a structured, but fun and safe environment. We use the Trinity Guildhall syllabus for Group grades, and so our Acting and Musical Theatre students are assured steady progression, simultaneously preparing for performance and certification.

Kids are where the genius lies!

We believe that kids are geniuses! And so, we teach our students to collaborate, to write their own plays and stories instead of giving them a pre-written script. It is not only the results of their weekly class-time work that goes on stage, but these pieces are also what is performed annually for the Trinity examiners. So when they receive their certificates and their applause, our students know it is as a direct result of their combined efforts. All this brings an enormous sense of confidence and accomplishment to our students.

Great value!

We believe in what we do, and we want it to be accessible to those who share our passion. Our course fees for our younger students are substantially lower than our competitors. For those students in our Acting and Musical Courses, our fees are all inclusive - that means the large scale production show at the end of the academic year is included, and we'll never charge additional fees.

We engage with 'our' parents!

We open our classes at the end of each term for parents to come in and enjoy a typical class - we want you to witness what we do, or even to join in the fun!

We believe in the benefits of our work and we take it as far as we can

Motivated by the same principles we were founded on, the Kids' Theatre Works! team travel to Delhi regularly to conduct Drama Workshops for the 400 kids at Harmony House. The proceeds from our shows' ticket sales have also been put to good use for this well-deserving charity, with Emily donating AED 85,000 since 2011.