In a world where opinions matter, expectations are overwhelming and we make choices that don't support our wellbeing, Factory Theatre Ensemble (FaTE) presents 'perception' - a youth theatre performance devised by young people.

A unique take on how we perceive others, how others perceive us and how we perceive ourselves. A conceptual and fully immersive piece of theatre that sheds light on what we don't share on social media.

Who: Factory Theatre Ensemble (FaTE)

What: "perception"

Where: Dubai Community theatre and Arts Centre (DUCTAC)

When : Monday February 5th, 8pm

Tickets available at www.ductac.org/theatre.php


FaTE is a youth theatre group that was created to formally introduce the concept of a community youth  theatre to Dubai with special emphasis on providing support and skill  development to students who are studying drama formally at school.  It is also open to students with an interest in the theatre as an activity,  or to claim hours for CAS or DoE style awards. FaTE students develop theatrical expression, explore new skills and work towards two powerful performances a year.


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